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ROAM / Young Professional Program

ROAM fields teams of security volunteers in support of regional operations and community events.

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ROAM is a proactive volunteer security training program for young professionals and community members to help protect Jewish communities.

ROAM is open to unaffiliated and affiliated Jewish Americans of all denominations and to individuals whose congregations do not have CSS Synagogue teams.

Highly trained teams of ROAM volunteers protect Jewish events and institutions, at the request of the local community.


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In recent years, American Jews have seen a dramatic increase in antisemitism.

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Attacks against Jews have surged to record levels, and recent incidents have resulted in loss of life.

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Situations have become more complex, and hard to detect and predict.


There are two distinct programs the CSS offers to train and educate volunteers:

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Become part of your local ROAM team, learn proactive security and safety skills, and help protect our Jewish community.

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You can learn the necessary skills to work as a team and help protect your institution against potential security threats.

Words of Support


The CSS has a tested model that enables Jewish community members to serve as the eyes and ears of their community and deter, prevent and mitigate attacks on their institutions. CSS is unique and invaluable, its training is best-in-class, and I am proud to volunteer my time helping them.

Mark J. Sullivan

Mark J. Sullivan22nd Director of the United States Secret Service

The CSS is an essential component of the security architecture for the Jewish community in the United States. Empowered community members, including highly trained and motivated volunteers add extra eyes and ears, provide situational awareness, and serve as a key additional security layer protecting our institutions and our people. They are “boots on the ground” and the Jewish Federation in New York highly values its close working relationship with CSS.

Mitch Silber

Mitch SilberExecutive Director of UJA-JCRC Community Security Initiative
Former Director of NYPD Intelligence Analysis

As I think back to some of the greatest success stories of our community, perhaps the highest, most vital, achievement on that list is the establishment of our CSS volunteer team. CSS has quite literally changed the landscape of our community and how we view security and public safety. They are “hands down” the most respected group of people in our shul of 400+ families. This is because of their seriousness, professionalism, self-sacrifice and living embodiment of “Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Ba’Zeh”. I am appreciate to have the CSS team protecting us, always.

Rabbi of an Orthodox Synagogue in Westchester

Rabbi of an Orthodox Synagogue in Westchester

I never imagined I could contribute to enhancing the security of our temple. My regular job has no connection to security at all. However, the growing incidents of antisemitism deeply worried me about our community's safety. Fortunately, the training I received from CSS equipped me with the skills to mobilize a group of dedicated community members. Together, we've managed to bolster our security during weekly services. This experience has been profoundly empowering, and it's heartening to see how our presence brings comfort and reassurance to other community members.

 A CSS-trained volunteer at a Reform Temple in Florida

A CSS-trained volunteer at a Reform Temple in Florida

CSS has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to helping safeguard the entire community in a professional and responsible manner that also creates an open and comfortable environment. CSS’s volunteer-based model fills a critical gap in the security needs of the Jewish community and is essential in creating an effective and holistic security architecture.

Jason Shames

Jason ShamesCEO and EVP of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey

I have come to really appreciate our collaboration and partnership with CSS. It is vitally important for the LAPD, and all Law Enforcement agencies, to work hand in hand with our partners in the community.

Captain Jonathan Tom

Captain Jonathan TomCommanding Officer at LAPD, West LA Area

At our congregation, we are thrilled and proud to have our CSS team help provide the initial level of security for our community. To know that we have members of our own community, who have taken the time and made the effort to learn how to best protect our membership is a point of pride for our entire synagogue. With caring, sensitivity and dedication, our CSS members stand up for us at our most vulnerable points and ullustrate for all of us that strength and compassion can absolutely work together in one organization. Thank you to our CSS team!

Rabbi of a Conservative Synagogue in New Jersey

Rabbi of a Conservative Synagogue in New Jersey