At Community Security Service (CSS), our mission is simple: Protecting Jewish Life and Jewish Way of Life. Partnering with Jewish organizations, governmental authorities, and law enforcement agencies, CSS safeguards the community by training volunteers in professional security techniques and providing physical security. CSS offers training, guidance, and resources to community members who stand ready as volunteers to protect their own against the increasing atmosphere of violent incidents and terrorism. As a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2007, CSS has a trained membership of over 4,500 volunteers, representing the rich diversity of the American Jewish community.



Our membership represents a cross-section of American Jewry, comprised of secular and observant community members of all shapes and sizes.

More than just a culture of security awareness, we empower our members with an understanding of something far greater than themselves. More than just a sustainable security infrastructure, we provide our community with the ability to safely and securely celebrate the Jewish way of life, whichever way they choose.

More than just a platform for individuals to protect their loved ones, we provide them the opportunity to serve. While it is said that “it takes a village to raise a child,” we believe that “it takes a community to raise a generation.” One that will step proudly into the ranks of our predecessors who have been called to step forward numerous times to help since Abraham first responded to G-d “hineini”: here I am.

By providing every member of the Jewish community the ability and skills to safeguard themselves and others, we will be well-equipped to preserve the past and protect the future.

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Empower your synagogue in safety and security awareness.

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Volunteer to safeguard the Jewish community in your region.



The Community Security Service is an essential component of the security architecture for the Jewish community in the United States. Highly trained and motivated volunteers add extra eyes and ears, provide situational awareness and serve as a key additional security layer protecting our institutions and people. The Community Security Initiative in New York highly values its close working relationship with CSS.

As I think back to some of the greatest success stories of our community over the past decade, perhaps, the highest, most vital, achievement on that list is the establishment of our CSS Team at the Young Israel of Scarsdale. CSS has quite literally changed the landscape of our community and how we view security and public safety. They are “hands down” the most respected group of people in our Shul of 400+ families – for their seriousness, professionalism, self-sacrifice and living embodiment of “Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Ba’Zeh.” In this precarious world that we live in, I am supremely proud and appreciative to have the CSS protecting us, always.

Running the largest event in Jewish history, from a security level, all of us at the National Chaplains Association (NCA) and our partners at the NJ State Police and MetLife Stadium Security are thankful to the CSS team for bringing such talent, professionalism and more than all, extreme dedication to the event of the decade. The non stop prayer and months of planning were so well worth it after an event of this magnitude went by without even the slightest incident.

I would highly recommend CSS to any institution that is seeking to increase the safety and security of their students, faculty, staff, and facilities.”

CSS has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to helping safeguard the entire community in a professional and responsible manner that also creates an open and comfortable environment. CSS’s volunteer-based model fills a critical gap in the security needs of the Jewish community and is essential in creating an effective and holistic security architecture.

I have come to really appreciate our collaboration and partnership with CSS. It is vitally important for the LAPD, and all Law Enforcement agencies, to work hand in hand with our partners in the community.”

At Congregation Beth Sholom, we are thrilled and proud to have our CSS team help provide the initial level of security for our community. To know that we have members of our own community who have taken the time and made the effort to learn how to best protect our membership is a point of pride for our entire synagogue. With caring, sensitivity and dedication, our CSS members stand up for us at our most vulnerable points and illustrate for all of us that strength and compassion can absolutely work together in one organization. Thank you to our CSS team!

Mitch Silber

Executive Director of UJA-JCRC Community Security Initiative
Former Director of NYPD Intelligence Analysis

Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern

Young Israel of Scarsdale

Chaplain Yisroel Bursztyn

President, National Chaplains Association
Referring to a 90,000 person event, held once every seven years, and considered to be the largest gathering of Jews in modern history.

Smadar Amidror

Director of Operations at Leffell School

Jason Shames

CEO and EVP of the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey

Captain Jonathan Tom

Commanding Officer at LAPD, West LA Area

Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky

Congregation Beth Sholom
Teaneck, New Jersey