Who We Are

At Community Security Service (CSS), our mission is simple: Protecting Jewish Life and Jewish Way of Life. Founded in 2007 by a cadre of security professionals and military and law enforcement veterans, CSS is the leading organization focused on providing best-in-class training to build on-the-ground volunteer led CSS physical security teams and safety programs. These programs are designed to empower members of the Jewish community to identify threats and proactively protect our communities across the United States.

CSS’s proven model trains volunteers from the Jewish community to protect their local synagogues, schools and community events in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. These teams are professionally trained to identify and respond to suspicious activity, thereby addressing a potentially threatening situation long before it might escalate into a serious incident.

Starting with a handful of dedicated individuals protecting a single synagogue in Manhattan, CSS now has a membership of over 4,500 trained volunteers that protect Jewish events, institutions, and synagogues across the United States.

Our membership represents the rich diversity of the American Jewish community through which we help protect institutions of all denominations and sizes.

Due to the turbulent times we live in CSS has a seen a greater call for our services throughout the country. Ultimately, our mission is to be able to support and secure any Jewish community in the United States.