Terrorist Incidents and Attacks Against Jews and Israelis in the United States 1969-2016


This research is an attempt to catalogue violent attacks and terrorist incidents against Jews and Israelis in the United States from 1969 to 2016.1 It is important to note that this report focuses only on the most serious incidents, and that they occurred within the context of many thousands
of other anti-Semitic acts. Indeed, of the 1,354 anti-religious hate crimes2 recorded by the FBI in 2015 alone, 51.3% 3 – 695 incidents4 – targeted Jews. The FBI hate crimes statistics report demonstrated that Jews are the most targeted religious group in the U.S. This is a consistent finding of the FBI report over many years.

This catalogue is intended to raise awareness within the American Jewish community of the real challenges that face and continue to confront our community’s security and well-being.

This report catalogues 104 incidents whose analysis is revealed inside: