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Volunteer to safeguard the Jewish community in your region.

What is ROAM?

ROAM (Respond, Organize, Act, Maintain) is a proactive volunteer security training program that empowers participants to thrive as a protector of their local Jewish community. This program is open to unaffiliated Jewish Americans of all denominations, and individuals whose congregation does not have a CSS Synagogue team.

What do ROAM-trained volunteers do?

ROAM volunteers help protect Jewish events and institutions in their region, and the Jewish community at large.

ROAM is a program of Community Security Service (CSS), the leading organization equipping American Jewish volunteers with tools to protect their communities through security awareness and physical security. Through programs such as ROAM, volunteers learn to identify potential threats and proactively safeguard their communities.

engage your community

Learn proactive security and safety skills

Become part of your local ROAM team

Become part of your local ROAM team

Help protect our Jewish community

Help protect our Jewish community