Jersey City Looks Back On Deadly Kosher Market Shooting, One Year Ago Today

The Gothamist

December 10, 2020

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal was headed to Washington, DC, when he heard about the unfolding attack in Jersey City’s Greenville neighborhood. Police Detective Joseph Seals was fatally shot in the Bay View Cemetery. Then, Grewal listened on police radio as two shooters attacked a kosher market nearby, where they engaged in a gun battle with police before being killed.

On the radio, Grewal heard “the pings of the gunshots” hitting an armored police vehicle. At the scene, he saw the shell-shocked faces of SWAT team members. And afterward, sitting with the widow of one of the victims, Douglas Miguel Rodriguez, an immigrant from Ecuador who worked for the Jewish market owners, Grewal listened to her questions: “How could somebody hate the Jewish people? The Jewish people gave my husband a job. How could they do this? How do people have room in their hearts for this much hate?”