A Year on From Deadly Attacks, New York Jews Fear Even Greater Antisemitism in 2021

Haaretz: Danielle Ziri | Dec. 23, 2020 | 4:39 PM

NEW YORK – A year on from the spate of antisemitic incidents that rocked the New York area, including deadly attacks in Jersey City and Monsey, Jewish leaders remain fearful for the future despite the high-profile show of solidarity for the community that initially followed. 

“I’m saddened that I think a lot of the progress that was made because of these horrible incidents has eroded one year later,” says Evan Bernstein, CEO of Community Security Service, which helps empower Jewish communities to act for their own safety.

“I think antisemitism is still as relevant as it was before, and I’m concerned now that people just don’t think about it and they’re not looking at the antisemitism that’s still taking place,” adds Bernstein, who previously spent 20 years working at the Anti-Defamation League, including seven years as the organization’s regional director for New York and New Jersey.